12 Darkest South Park Moments Ever

11. The Boys Burn Ms. Claridge, Blame Trent Boyett

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Pre-School (Season 8, Episode 10)

The Boys had dark misadventures even as toddlers. Back in pre-school, they enlisted Trent Boyette to set a fire, so they can put it out by urinating. However, when they fail, their teacher Ms. Claridge is set alight. Natrually, the Boys attempt to put her out by urinating on her. Trent pleads with them to tell the police the truth, but they deny their part so he is dragged off to juvenile hall for five years.

Later, Trent uses his newfound freedom to get revenge on The Boys. Ms. Claridge is now confined to a wheelchair/iron lung contraption only able to communicate in beeps – once for yes, twice for no. Her torment continues in the present day when her battery runs out in the middle of the road. Rather than help, the citizens assume she is being cold, ignorant, and distant.

When The Boys finally apologise to their pre-school teacher, Trent corners them. Cartman is ready with his mom’s taser. His shot misses Trent, however, the shock powers Ms. Claridge’s wheelchair. She careens off and crashes into the Little Gas Shack causing a fiery explosion.

When Ms. Claridge is questioned if Trent was her attacker she beeps twice, however, the officer takes this to mean ‘yes, yes’ and Trent is taken away for another five years.

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