12 Darkest Star Trek: Voyager Moments Ever

From torturous deaths to genetic manipulation, this show pushed into dark territory in it's 7 years.

Voyager Face Stealer

For a family-friendly show, Star Trek Voyager proved time and time again that it wasn't afraid to stray into dark storylines. The Star Trek universe is known for using episodes to make social commentary on cultural issues, however Voyager seemed to stray into darker storylines more than most.

Being 75,000 lightyears away from home in a quadrant that had yet to be explored by the Federation was bad enough, but Voyager pushed the envelope more and more throughout it's run. It handled issues as varied as self-harm and organ stealing across its 7 seasons.

The darkness of the moments in this list are compounded by the fact that the crew was alone far from home, and they only had each other. The unknown elements of the Delta Quadrant made life tough for the intrepid crew and their captain, and as this list will show, there were some moments where we were shocked by the darkness that lay within.

These dark moments made the crew stronger, but not before almost crushing them forever. So prepare for a walk on the dark side of Voyager as some of the darkest moments in Voyager's history are brought to light.

12. Killer Technology - Revulsion

Voyager Face Stealer

In Revulsion, Voyager responds to a distress call sent by the hologram onboard, finding him alone after the "organics" on his ship died. The hologram, Dejaren, tells the Doctor and B'Elanna that the crew died from a virus, but there is something not quite right about him. The Doctor and B'Elanna begin helping Dejaren to stabilise his matrix, but while doing so he confides in the Doctor his feelings toward organics. And they aren't pleasant.

Turns out Dejaren killed the organics on his ship after he was fed up being a slave to them. The dangers of sentient technology are in focus here, as it was Dejaren's self-awareness that contributed to his actions. It's not just the organics on his ship he finds detestable and he soon shows he is still capable of eliminating others he views as terrible beings, whether they are or not.

Dejaren eventually attempts to kill B'Elanna. Luckily he is unsuccessful, but it's a story highlighting the dark side of technology and why care needs to be taken in the development and use of it.

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