12 Darkest Star Trek: Voyager Moments Ever

11. More Killer Technology - Prototype

Voyager Face Stealer

Yep, Voyager had a real fondness for the dark side of technology. Remember when the Doctor accidentally created a dark alter ego while trying to enhance his personality? Well, Prototype provides another example of technology gone bad.

After retrieving and reactivating an automated unit, B'Elanna is torn as to whether to go against both Janeway's orders and the Prime Directive and help the automated unit's friends. B'Elanna decides to obey the captain's orders and the automated unit is not happy.

He decides to kidnap B'Elanna and forces her to help them, threatening to destroy Voyager if she refuses. While Janeway is trying to save B'Elanna, another ship carrying a different race of automated units arrives and begins attacking the automated unit's ship. The crew then discover that these automated units killed their creators and are fighting this other race of automated units.

This is yet another episode warning about the dangers of technology, showing once again that developing new technology is great, but there is always the chance it will become sentient and become more human than machine.

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