12 Dumb Decisions In Friends We Can't Forgive

Seriously, what was the thinking behind Joey and Rachel getting together?!


From 1994 to 2004, Friends took over the world of television, and ever since has dominated TV listings with reruns being shown pretty much every single day. It is, quite simply, one of the biggest and most popular shows ever, and deservedly so.

Friends created six characters audiences could genuinely form attachments to, and told compelling and hilarious stories around them. With that being said however, the show was far from perfect.

There are certain characters that, under further scrutiny, weren't as great or as loveable as we thought, some story lines perhaps haven't aged as well as others, and some narratives that simply didn't need to be told. It feels that at times the writers added some aspects to the show that just didn't make sense, and on reflection, made the show worse for their inclusion.

Looking back on Friends, it's impossible to keep the rose-tinted glasses on for all ten seasons. There are so many things that fall way short of the expectations the show set for itself, and it's hard to justify why they were ever included in the first place.

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