12 Essential Stocking Fillers For Doctor Who Fans

Doctorwhochristmas I hear the groans of denial already, from people around the globe. Christmas is ages away. Doctor Who fans might be waiting to get 23rd November Celebrations out of the way first before giving any thought to our pagan festival. That said however, if you so choose, there is no reason you shouldn't begin advance gift giving to the Doctor Who fan in your family on the 23rd November, or Doctor Who-mas Day, where you will hear a strange wheezing, grinding noise in the night and presents will be left at the foot of a Dalek. Watch your delighted Whovian scamper down the stairs on the Saturday morning and exclaim, 'He's been!'. I need not elaborate upon the fact I am not referring to a Mr Claus. One thing about having a Doctor Who fan in the family is that they are ridiculously easy to buy for, but knowing what they already have adds a surprising complication. Plus this year with more branded merchandise than ever, what would they like most of all? Fear not, I present to you the guide to filling stocking for Whovians everywhere, one for each day of Christmas. You'll thank me.
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