12 Fictional TV Locations It'd Blow Your Mind to Visit

miami dexter Have you ever watched an episode of TV and found yourself thinking, "Man, I'd really like to go there", then being forced to come to the terms with the fact that what you're watching is a work of fiction and the place you're looking at doesn't really exist? Me, too! As such, here's a list of the top 12 fictional TV locations it could potentially be the most fun to visit. Most of them fall under the category of "adventure tourism" - as in you will likely be shot at, mutated, ejected into space, or otherwise chased by a cloud of anthropomorphic black smoke. Enjoy! Spoilers ahead...

12. The Island (LOST)


If six seasons of unanswered mysteries summed up by 90 minutes of pseudo-Judeo-Christian symbolism left you feeling distinctly unsatisfied then at least you have the solace of knowing you always have The Island. It might be a desolate jungle paradise occupied by polar bears and anonymous folk of constantly shifting allegiance, but it has a mystical vibe to it, a quality of light you won't find anywhere else, and given its tropical locale, you can pontificate on the meaning of life while working on your tan. There are plenty of supplies, too: coconuts, fish (if you can catch them), bottled water from the innumerable plane crashes, heroin, too. A few minor caveats: don't go if your pregnant; The Island's location on the world map can change at a moment's notice, which can make scheduling flights difficult; no plane as as-yet fully successfully landed on The Island; there is the possibility of time travel; don't go if you're weirded out by giant stone feet or things that just generally don't make sense (like a cabin that may or may not belong to a bloke called Jacob and disappears and reappears around The Island seemingly at random). Also, there's a magic light at the heart of The Island that somehow relates to the balance between good and evil and has the ability to grant immortality or turn you into the embodiment of darkness. Don't worry, though: you'll probably never get to see it. And that's not even mentioning the bloody Hatch!

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