12 Genius Decisions By Star Trek Captains

Don't you wish you were as clever as a Starfleet captain?

Picard Nagilum Star Trek

We can argue endlessly about who is the greatest Starfleet captain of all time (and why it’s Jean Luc Picard). And there are plenty of articles out there that do just that. But, what is undeniable is that Starfleet officers are the cream of the crop. And if you’re one of the lucky who’ve worked your way up to the rank of Captain you’re probably pretty sharp.

Most Starfleet Captains we see on screen are certified geniuses. Think about it, you’d almost have to be in that job. You're zipping around space, in command of hundreds of crewmembers. Not to mention you're in charge of some of the most advanced tech that the Federation has to offer.

So, let’s talk about some of the genius decisions made by these elite individuals.

12. John Harriman Decides To Let Kirk Do His Job

Picard Nagilum Star Trek
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You may not remember the name, John Harriman. That’s because he only shows up for a few minutes in Star Trek: Generations. Harriman was the commander of the Enterprise 1701-B. He barely had the ship out of dry dock before a crisis struck.

The Enterprise receives a distress call from an El-Aurian refugee ship that is caught in some sort of energy ribbon. When the Enterprise arrives Harriman makes several suggestions to save the refugees. However, each of his plans fails. Lucky for Harriman, he has a secret weapon sitting right on his bridge- Captain James T. Kirk.

Kirk was onboard as a spectator for the ship’s maiden voyage, but, seeing as he’s arguably the greatest captain of his time, Harriman presses Kirk into service. Putting away his pride, Harriman asks Kirk for the correct course of action. Kirk saves the day, proving Harriman’s decision to hand over the reins to be a genius move.

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