12 Genius Decisions By Star Trek Captains

11. Pike Decides To Share His Academy Transcript

Picard Nagilum Star Trek

Captain Christopher Pike found himself with a difficult task when he took command of the USS Discovery. The ships previous captain, Gabriel Lorca, turned out to be a mirror universe imposter. He dragged the crew into his universe and forced them to take part in his devious plan to overthrow the Terran Empress.

Needless to say, the crew of the Discovery had trust issues. So, Pike needed to gain their respect. However, he didn’t have the benefit of time on his hands. Starfleet had ordered the Discovery on a mission of immediate importance. So, Pike made a spur of the moment brilliant move to gain his new crews' rust.

He threw his entire Starfleet service record on the main viewer for display, worts and all. He even highlighted his failures at Starfleet Academy. This amazing display of humility immediately ingratiated him to his new crew. And, it allowed him to get to work quickly.

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