12 Most Fan-Pleasing TV Moments Ever

11. Face-Off - Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad Gus Fring

A ruthless, murderous, sociopathic ruler of a drug empire, and yet we all rooted for Walter White anyway. That was especially the case in Breaking Bad's incredible fourth season, where the tension between him and Gus Fring reached fever pitch and it became clear one of them had to go.

For obvious reasons, that couldn't be Walt, yet Gus seemed undefeatable. He exuded such confidence, maintained such control, and walked away from everything thrown at him that it seemed almost impossible we'd actually get our wish of seeing him die granted.

Cut to the season finale, and the bomb planted in Hector Salamanca's wheelchair. It's a masterclass in building tension, gripping us to our seats as we wait to learn whether the plan to kill Gus has worked. And then the door opens, Gus walks out, adjusts his tie, and unbelievably he seems fine... until we learn that half his face has been blown off, and he falls to the floor, dead at last.


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