12 Most Underrated TV Shows Ever

2. Lexx

Lexx TV Series

A German/Canadian production mostly shown on the Sci Fi Channel (as was), this bizarre sci fi show ran from 1997 to 2002 over four seasons - although the first actually represented four linked feature length TV movies, and Lexx only became a TV series proper with what€™s now become known as season two.

Gleefully playing with Freudian concepts of the sex drive versus the death drive, Lexx was a high camp space opera in the tradition of Blake€™s Seven and The Hitchhiker€™s Guide To The Galaxy, with yet another ramshackle group of misfits having stolen a highly advanced spacecraft - The Lexx, of the title - to escape their oppressors. If that sounds suspiciously like Farscape as well, then congratulations: you'€™ve just unearthed one of fandom€™s hidden vendettas. Back at the turn of the century, Lexx obsessives and Farscape fanatics were like Israel and Palestine.

While both shows shared a lot of storytelling DNA, Lexx approached its own psychosexual weirdness from a different perspective (and with a lot less muppets). Sleazy and gloriously freaky, it was essentially a loose collection of tongue-in-cheek nonsense infused with an epic, almost operatic melancholy: a treatise on fatalism, existentialism and the cruelty of an uncaring universe, dressed in rubber and lubed for battle.

If you can figure out what on earth was going on, you€™re braver than I am. Nonetheless, this was compulsive viewing amongst the seven people that both found and loved the show. Despite the points of comparison to other stories, Lexx remained defiantly its own creature: a messy, cracked-out sex comedy and nihilist tract masquerading as a sci fi adventure.

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