12 Sci-Fi TV Shows Critics Were Way Too Harsh On

Underrated aliens, anthologies that never got their due, and one season wonders...


It’s not uncommon for critics to dismiss TV’s genre offerings without giving them a chance. After all, it’s hard enough for the likes of fantasy, horror, and in particular sci-fi movies to be taken seriously by the critics when they’re packing out multiplexes, so it’s even harder for the smaller budget small-screen incarnations of these genres to win over sceptical reviewers.

Sure, there are a few noteworthy exceptions to the rule—looking at you, Lost and Westworld. Maybe the trick is just to make your show as confusing as possible in order to win over critics.

But by and large tv critics are quick to dismiss sci-fi series as silly, far-fetched, and inconsequential, calling any world building too confusing whilst conversing claiming that a lack of explanation is as big a problem. It’s a frustrating approach which can make it hard to take critical views of sci-fi tv seriously, particularly when many great series are slammed before they even have a chance to impress.

Just look at this list of a dozen stellar sci-fi series that critics hammered before viewers even got to realize they were actually fairly solid.


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