12 Sci-Fi TV Shows Let Down By Terrible Endings

At least Lost didn't end with a furry friend being kidnapped by the feds...


What is it about sci-fi in particular that makes it either great or terrible fodder for TV, with little room in between the two extremes? Maybe it’s the fact that the television series format is perfect for slow burn mysteries and sci-fi is a genre which requires plenty of exposition and world building in order to build stakes and develop believable characters. Maybe it’s the fact that the limited budgets of TV mean sci-fi is more likely to end up looking laughable on the small screen than in the multiplex.

Whatever the cause, as often as sci-fi series delight genre fans with treats like Star Trek, The X-Files, or Stranger Things, there are countless well-intentioned creators whose sci-fi series end up disastrous flops. And more often than not, an embarrassing ending is central to the failure of a show.

Sure, some of these series were already pretty middle of the road before their ignominious finales rolled around. But some of them were genuine classics and no one wanted the grand revelations of their final episode to leave viewers let down by the hours they committed to them. In any case, here are set of a dozen sci-fi shows which unfortunately fell short when it came time for their denouement.

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