12 Sci-Fi TV Shows Let Down By Terrible Endings

12. Invasion


Debuting in 2005, Invasion may have been plagued by some of the worst timing in television production history. The show, the first of many hoping to replicate the success of Lost which debuted a year earlier, concerned the titular invasion by unseen aliens during a catastrophic storm off the coast of Florida.

The problem was 2005 played host to Hurricane Katrina, a very real tragedy which left Americans none too eager to follow a fictional national disaster. As a result, the series which had originally been intended to run for five seasons was cut down to a single season, twenty two episode run.

As a result the cause of the eponymous invasion and the many mysteries of the aliens it harboured, hinted at throughout the short run, remained unexplained. What could have been an enigmatic cliff hanger became the show’s official ending and frustrated fans turned to unsuccessful petitions in order to learn what it all meant.

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