12 Terrible TV Shows That Should Definitely Be Cancelled In 2014

TV shows that are practically crying out to be cancelled this year.

If you ever watched Firefly, particularly during its original run, the word 'cancellation' likely still imbues you with righteous anger even after all these years. Firefly's cancellation was an unjust and premature decision which has had fans rueing what might have been for over a decade, but for the shows in this article, cancellation is a gift which can come only too soon. Come and see things from the other side for once, Firefly fans, because these shows deserve cancellation and frankly it's amazing that some of them have made it this far. Without further ado, let's have a look at the stale TV shows that are practically crying out to be cancelled this year, starting with an undead corpse of a series which just refuses to go.

12. True Blood

You might remember back in 2008 when True Blood aired to critical interest, if not acclaim. Its pilot was slick and stylish and thick with obvious metaphors as vampires struggled for equality in a society unwilling to accept them. The Southern accents were hilariously over-the-top and the sex scenes were graphic, and so True Blood garnered a cult following over on HBO. It's now coming up to its seventh season which we've been promised is its last, and for the good of us all, it should be. True Blood has never been particularly grounded, but its last few series reached the line between sanity and insanity and just sprinted right over it. Bill, once the other half of an epic romance with Sookie, is now pretty much crazy and there's a 50:50 chance that the show will acknowledge this in any given episode. Vampires have been joined by fairies and a myriad of were-creatures. Eric, once the show's cold-blooded killer, is now merely an opportunity for naked Alexander Skarsgard. Please, HBO, stake this one for good and burn it in the sunlight to be sure. And if needs be, we can always have naked Alexander Skarsgard in Game of Thrones.
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