12 Most Touching Moments On The Simpsons

The king of cartoons can tug the heart strings like no other.

With apologies to a certain other animated FOX show, The Simpsons really is the king of making you feel - and especially cry - when it comes to animated comedies (except Futurama's "Jurassic Bark" episode). No other animated show really comes close to pulling off sentimental episodes, and none has given us so much material over the years. Working in the show's favour is the huge cast of characters the show has employed over the course of its run, and the fact that, regardless of whatever former President Bush has to say, the show is actually a rather moral, family-driven series that emphasises traditional values and caring about one another over fart jokes and black humour. Forget the Waltons, we actually need more families like The Simpsons - maybe minus the whole choking of the kid part. With that having been said, we set out now to take a look at twelve of the most touching moments to have taken place on the show. Not all of them revolve around the Simpson clan itself, but all are moments that might have brought a tear to your eye, and tugged at your heartstrings. Grab the tissue, and let's get started...
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