12 TV Shows That Were Cancelled Way Too Soon

Why do bad things happen to good TV shows?

There was an uproar online this week - well, there€™s an uproar online every single minute of every single day, but this one was particularly notable - when it was announced that NBC would not be renewing Hannibal for a fourth season.

The show€™s fans, €˜Fannibals€™, didn€™t hold back with their anger, and the creator Bryan Fuller took to Twitter to ensure that they were exploring other options. Perhaps the biggest reason for the outcry was that the show seemed to be doing so well. It clearly has a loyal fanbase, but also the love of the critics. However, its dark themes and violence ultimately proved too much for NBC to continue with.

Having a cult following and critical approval is not enough in the TV world dominated by what makes money. It€™s why shows you love get might only a couple of seasons, while there are now more bad seasons of The Simpsons than there are good ones (even if the good ones are unbelievably great ones), and The Big Bang Theory is never going to end.

Unless the show you love has mass appeal then there is always going to be the risk of it getting canned. It€™s nothing new, and is sadly just the way of the world where audiences don€™t make the decision, but men in suits who probably don€™t even watch the shows do.

There€™s a long line of shows that were cut down in their prime, sparking confusion, outrage, and attempts to bring them back, and here€™s a look at some of the most notable examples.


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