12 Worst TV Shows Of 2020 So Far

Fake science, poorly-timed heroic cops, unfunny comedies, and... Dan Harmon's couple therapy?


Every year, TV offers up some superb content for viewers and 2020 has been no different in this regard.

With more streaming services than most viewers can keep track of as well as countless new network and cable shows alike, there's a constant stream of televisual content vying for our attention, and much of it is fantastic, from thoughtful dramas to hilarious comedies to engrossing documentaries.

And this is not a list of those shows.

No, this is a run down of the tragic sitcoms, the side splitting dramas, and the interminably slow reality TV which is less interesting than, well, actual reality. This is a list of the absolute worst that 2020 TV has had to offer, ranging from the vanity projects to the dead-in-the-water sitcoms, from the misjudged premises to the entire streaming network which appears to have been created to flout labour laws and underpay its contractors (sounds like a case for Chrissy's Court)...


12. October Faction


Nowhere near as bad as some of the later entries to grace this rundown, October Faction was a Netflix small town mystery/ teen drama/ horror show which followed a pair of monster hunters working for an international secret society to keep the world protected from the paranormal.

However, a handful of inventive monsters couldn’t stop this graphic novel adaptation from feeling tonally uneven, muddled, and overcomplicated.

A few promising performances from its younger cast as the high school age kids shocked to discover their parents’ unusual vocation were not enough to salvage this one-season wonder, but fans of the original novels deserved better than this drab imagining anyway.


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