13 Awesome Star Trek Ships

Galaxy_class_aft One of the best parts about watching Star Trek is getting to see the variety of spaceships that inhabit the universe. Every species has their own unique style with that of the Klingons and the Romulans ranking among the most memorable. Starfleet, being the organization the shows focus on, has the largest variety of ships as well as the most iconic ones, including the U.S.S Enterprise series. This list ranks the 13 coolest ships ever to appear in the Star Trek universe. Simply being iconic isn't enough for this list as a multitude of factors were considered. Most importantly the ships really just have to look good to be considered as a lot of these are only memorable because of how they look. The list combines the most famous ships from the Trek canon with ships that only appear in the background of a few episodes.

13. Olympic-class

olympic glass Key Appearances: All Good Things One of the most unique ships in Starfleet, the Olympic-class carried very few armaments, shields, or sensors as it functioned primarily as a hospital ship used in relief missions. The Olympic-class was used in the Next Generation era and only appeared in a few episodes although it featured prominently in the series finale. The Olympic-class was designed to look more peaceful than other ships in the Star Trek universe and was unique for its spherical primary hull as most ships in Starfleet used saucer sections in some capacity. The most prominent appearance of the Olympic-class was in the Next Generation finale All Good Things where it was captained in an alternate timeline by Dr. Crusher.The unique design of the Olympic-class make it one of the more memorable minor ships in the Star Trek universe and the fact that its not a warship somehow makes it that much better.
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