13 Awesome Star Trek Ships

12. Constellation-class

von Key Appearances: The Battle, Peak Performance One of the oldest ships in Starfleet by the start of the Next Generation era, Jean Luc-Picard's first command was aboard a Constellation-class starship. Picard later fondly regarded his career aboard the U.S.S Stargazer, despite the ships mediocre capabilities. The ship was phased out of active combat service a few years after Picard's tenure but many were still used as transports. The Constellation was unique for having four warp nacelles, helping it to reach speeds up to warp 9, as the majority of Starfleet ships only used two. The Constellation-class appeared in four Star Trek episodes and featured prominently in the episode The Battle, in which a group of Ferengi present Captain Picard with his old command. The Constellation was never one of Starfleet's best ships but its elegant design makes it one of the most memorable.
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