13 Despicable TV Villains Who Were Finally Delivered Justice

13. Todd - Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad Todd Death Jesse

Todd was introduced in the fifth and final season of Breaking Bad as helping Walter, Mike and Jesse with their Meth operation. Despite his youthful, boyish looks, he cemented himself as a despicable character in the aftermath of the train heist, when he shot dead youngster Drew Sharp without hesitation for witnessing the crime.

Todd was then recruited to cook for Walt, and introduced him to his uncle, Jack, who helped Walt dispose of Mike's nine ex-employees who were in prison. This led all involved on a collision course that resulted in a grisly showdown in the show's series finale.

Todd coerced Jesse into helping him cook by killing his ex-girlfriend Andrea, and threatening to kill her son Brock if he didn't co-operate. Later on, when Walt arrives at the White Supremacist compound to talk business with Jack, he kills the entire gang with a mounted machine gun rigged to his car, leaving just himself, Jesse and Todd alive. At this point, Jesse strangles Todd to death with his shackles, breaking his neck in an extremely satisfying moment of revenge.


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