13 Greatest Doctor Who Running Gags

Would you care for a Jelly Baby?

It's not hard to believe that a show that's been on air for as long as Doctor Who has managed to create its very own established universe, particularly one that has come to feel just as real as our own. Well, apart from the fact that the Doctor Who universe is constantly imploding, of course. Aside from that, though, the ever evolving mythology of TV's favourite Time Lord has become a whole world in its own right. Familiar faces come and go, iconic adversaries are constantly a-waitin' in the shadows and, like all long running franchises, there's a plethora of running gags to add to its ongoing sense of continuity. Because jokes that are told over and over again are always better than jokes that are only told once. Naturally. Doctor Who has had its fair share of running gags throughout its half a century in operation and it's always a satisfying moment for its legion of dedicated devotees when a recurring element sparks a welcome sense of nostalgia. From little shops to bananas and everything in between, here are 13 of the greatest running gags in Doctor Who history. Would you care for a Jelly Baby before we proceed? It'd be rude not to.
Doctor Who Editor
Doctor Who Editor

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