13 Reasons Why Emilia Clarke Just Got Voted World's Most Desirable Woman

Dragons, and fighting and cat love, oh my!

If you're a fan of Game Of Thrones, there's every possibility that you already considered Emilia Clarke, who of course played Daenerys, to be the hottest woman in all of the known world, but now there's some confirmation from AskMen.com, the web's finest purveyors of male betterment. They have conducted a poll for the world's most desirable woman, and the results (after more than a million votes) have heralded Clarke as the outright winner, after readers were charged with electing women who most closely match their ideas, based on criteria such as sex appeal, character, talent and potential for 2014. A more than worthy winner, Clarke beat Mad Men's Alison Brie (No. 2), Blurred Lines music video model Emily Ratajkowski (No. 3), The Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence (No. 4) and Harry Potter's Emma Watson (No. 5) to the title, which should be celebrated as a victory not only for British talent, but also for dragon fanciers the world over. And while the result was a given, at least around these parts, some might suggest that others (like Jennifer Lawrence, who has pretty much been slathered across the internet for the past year like beautiful gravy) should have been in with more of a chance. To those people, we present our comprehensive look at the real reasons behind Clarke's incredible victory....

13. She Makes Dragons Sexy

Many have tried and failed to make dragons sexy, but where the likes of Dennis Quaid, Sean Connery, Christian Bale and even Matthew McConaughey failed, Emilia Clarke, with her blonde ambition and tendency not to wear very much at all, despite the presumably over-riding threat of singes to the most tender of her bodily areas, succeeds with aplomb. Dungeons and Dragons afficianados and World Or Warcraft veterans have known for a long time that the almighty power of a fire breathing beast goes hand in hand with visions of female sexuality (even Disney knew it in his imagining of Malificent) but it has taken until the age of Game Of Thrones to see it handled appropriately on screen with the desire impact and effect.

12. And She's Capable Of Incredible Cuteness, Even When She's Doing Disgusting Things

Awww look, she's covered in blood.

11. She's Wonderfully Forceful

One thing that nobody ever teaches either marauding male egos or women looking to find themselves a partner is that men actually do want a powerful woman, and there can be few quite as alluringly strong as Daenerys.

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