13 Reasons Why Emilia Clarke Just Got Voted World's Most Desirable Woman

10. Regardless Of What She's Wearing, She Looks Flawless

Even when her dress appears to be made out of bath towels.

9. She's Clearly A Cat Person

How to win at the Internet: 1. Get a cat (preferably slightly chubby looking.) 2. Take an adorable picture with said cat, and ample cleavage, where possible. 3. Reap all the rewards.

8. She Looks Hot Even When She's Filthy

Think about it, miners don't look that hot when they emerge blinking into the daylight, covered in soot, and neither does Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins. But Emilia Clarke covered in soot is an entirely different prospect, clearly.

7. She's (So Far) Been Careful Not To Ruin Her Slate

Though Dom Hemingway was hardly the run-away success some might have expected Clarke to be attracted to following her stellar fame on the back of Game Of Thrones, it's very obvious that Clarke is taking her time to make her decisions on what she will do next. Other than Hemingway, the highest profile thing she's done outside of the HBO epic show is indie music flick Spike Island (we'll forgive her for Triassic Attack) and she's avoided answering what you have to suspect is a steady stream of agent calls and casting offers to God-awful, but money-spinning projects. Next up, Clarke is attached to Terminator: Genesis, which she has to hope does better than the last couple of additions to that particular franchise, but with that smart, fan-baiting casting, you have to suspect it will further her profile at the very least.
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