13 Reasons Why Review: 10 Ups & 9 Downs From ALL 4 Seasons

13 Reasons Why's run was divisive, to say the least...

13 Reasons Why Season 1

The arrival of 13 Reasons Why's fourth season brought with it the end of an era for the Netflix juggernaut as the story of Liberty High School's troubled teens came to a definitive close. It would have been naive to expect anything other than a highly emotional offering and, sure enough, keeping in line with its reputation, the final season wrapped up the narrative with 10 traumatic episodes.

The show's active tenure on Netflix was a polarising one. Once considered among the few truly compelling originals on the streaming giant, it divided opinions because of its subject matter but received acclaim for its gripping retelling of Jay Asher's eponymous novel. However, once it decided to continue beyond its source material, the reception was a lot less, well, receptive.

With the end of 13 Reasons Why upon us, we now have the opportunity to reflect on the show's run as a whole, looking back at where it succeeded and where it faltered during its time on our screens before bidding farewell to one of the most talked-about shows of our generation.

First, the negatives...

Please be aware this article contains SPOILERS from all four seasons of 13 Reasons Why.


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