13 Reasons Why Season 2 Review: 5 Ups And 7 Downs


5. Its New Look

13 Reasons Why Season 2

Despite the focus on teenage characters, 13 Reasons Why was never intended for young audiences. However, on the surface the series very much resembles a Young Adult movie.

In fact, everything about the show screams teenage audience. From the twenty-something actors portraying the high school kids, to the central relationship between Clay and Hannah — not to mention the show's penchant for voiceover.

A lot of this changes in Season 2, which is a rather pleasant surprise. The saturated vibrancy which gave the show a look something akin to that of Riverdale is replaced with a darker, grittier appearance. The contrast has been turned up and the show has been given more of a dark tone — both in the storyline and visual style.

Additionally, a cinematic 2:1 aspect ratio makes 13 Reasons Why resemble other Netflix series' such as Mindhunter or Stranger Things. This is how 13 Reasons Why should've looked from the beginning. The show's appearance has finally caught up to its tone.


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