13 Reasons Why Season 4: 7 Big Questions We Need Answers To

7. Have We Really Seen The Last Of Bryce Walker?


Netflix wasted no time letting us know that the third season of 13 Reasons Why would revolve around the murder of Bryce Walker - going so far as to spoil that plot detail in the trailer so that we would all know that the story would focus on the mystery surrounding it.

However, the season also went out of its way to enforce that Bryce was actually dead - showing us his body on a number of occasions before eventually showing us how he died. In that sense, there is no doubt about it: Bryce Walker is dead. That said, have we really seen the last of him on the show?

It's worth bearing in mind that half of the show is essentially a flashback narrative designed specifically to piece together the parts of whatever puzzle Clay Jensen is trying to crack, so there is always a possibility that Bryce could return in a number of flashbacks.

13 Reasons Why doesn't have the best track record of letting go if its characters. Remember, Season 2 centred around a ghostly iteration of Hannah Baker in a not-so-subtle attempt to keep the talented Katherine Langford on the show. Could we see the writers come up with a similar tactic in order to allow actor Justin Prentice to stick around?


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