14 Great Futurama Characters In Only One Episode

Ok, What If machine: what if these characters got their own spin-off shows?

Futurama Enos Fry
20th Television

In some ways, Futurama could be the greatest animated series ever made. For starters, it’s set a whole century ahead of its own contemporaries which meant the creators couldn’t rely a modern setting and had the challenge of designing a complete new universe which expanded above and beyond Planet Earth. The universe of the year 3000 is fully realized and intriguingly creative.

Futurama is primarily a comedy, which is able to poke fun at the lifestyle of the 20th century whilst also mocking its own futuristic society. The writers were able to bring so much humanity and personality to each of the major cast, despite half of them not being of human species. The show ventures into the genres such as Sci-Fi, adventure and even a bit of romance. And if there’s one aspect Futurama does perfectly, it’s hitting us right in the so called “feels” - remember the ending of Jurassic Bark?

Futurama near enough had it all, right from its clever foreshadowing to its complex stories involving astrophysics, giving the show excellent re-watch value. It also provided some of the best one-time characters, each with their own individual characteristics.

By the end of their episode appearance, you were left wondering if they’d become a prominent part of the show for later seasons or not (that is of course, if they weren’t instantly killed towards the end).

14. Countess De La Roca (A Flight To Remember - Season 1, Episode 10)

Futurama Enos Fry
20th Television

In one of the show’s earliest movie parodies, the professor rewards the crew with a cruise on the maiden voyage of the largest space ship ever – the Titanic. During their holiday, Bender crosses paths with the graceful Countess De La Roca (based on the character Rose DeWitt), a socialite robot way above his league.

At first, Bender spends time with De La Roca to steal her valuable possessions but can’t bring himself to take her bracelet as he is developing feelings. The two form a romance, despite the difference in hierarchy. Even after he tries to steal the cocktails, De La Roca is not phased by his lack of wealth as she takes a fancy to him for his personality and charm.

The episode has plenty of subtle nods to the original 1997 epic, such as when Jack held up Rose at the front of the ship. It’s a sweet romance and when you consider some of the trashy relationships Bender has been involved in, this one trumps them all as there is genuine chemistry between the two.

The modern version of the Titanic is split in two and has the threat of being sucked into a black hole. The passengers flee to the escape pods with Bender and his lover clinging to the exterior of one of them for dear life. The weight is too much for the pod to take so the countess sacrifices her own life to save Bender and his friends.

It’s a surprisingly sad moment and the sorrowful parting is made even more poignant by the countess’ expensive bracelet (which Bender is able to acquire) actually being fake the entire time. Those two really were made for each other!

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