14 Great Futurama Characters In Only One Episode

13. Slurms MacKenzie (Fry And The Slurm Factory - Season 1, Episode 13)

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The episode title says it all – it’s another fleshed out movie parody from Futurama (and a really good one, true to the show’s form).

The Futurama multiverse created a high addictive soda called Slurm which would become a part of show’s image and the 30th century culture. The company’s mascot Slurms MacKenzie is probably the coolest mollusc creature going – he’s spent all his life partying with gorgeous women, a lifestyle ideal for Bender and Fry. In a commercial advertised, there is a competition to visit the real life Slurm factory and party with the real life Slurms mascot if they find a hidden bottle cap in one of the drink cans.

Naturally, Fry and Bender cheat their way into winning the contest and the Planet Express team go on a trip to the factory. The real life of Mr MacKenzie is actually rather tragic as he is a despondent celebrity, contracted to constantly party through his exhaustion or he is fired. But his miserable life doesn't register with the crew as they still idolise him.

The tour of the factory turns out to be a disaster. There’s virtually no partying with the star mascot and the host of the tour is very odd, being extremely secretive of the Slurm secret ingredient. Fry then falls into the Slurm river with Leela and Bender jumping in after him. They decide to ditch the tour to discover the factory for themselves and discover the horrible secret that the green beverage is actually produced from a large worm’s behind. The three become deathly enslaved to the company before making their escape.

In the end, the legendary Slurms MacKenzie does a final noble act and sacrifices his own life if it means the Planet Express team can escape and expose the bad secrets of Slurm. Due to Fry’s lethal addiction to the drink, he refuses to let the secret out and thus, the deceitful business are not exposed for their crimes and the secretion of the giant Queen continues to be sold. But the crew toast a drink to the legacy of Slurms MacKenzie for saving their lives, the legendary worm who lived the 'perfect' life.

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