14 Problems Only It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Fans Will Understand


When asked about famous Television gangs, who springs to mind first? The characters from Friends? George, Ann, Dick, Julian and Timmy from the Famous Five? The group of kids in that school cartoon Recess? Which groups of mates inspired you to make your own friends in the style of a well-formed and loyal gang who would have your back in times of need? What about the It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia gang? Frank, Dee, Dennis, Charlie and Mac: all of them flawed, selfish, and incredibly different from one another in characterisation. Any Always Sunny fan will already know this. Perhaps you've already asked yourself, can I really take any inspiration away from this program? It might be your favourite, but for what reasons? The time the gang bought a boat? The time they got addicted to crack? The time they set the building next door to the pub on fire? While every fan of the sitcom will have their own private views on why Always Sunny has so many problems, you'd never admit any of them to anyone - because it's still your favourite, despite the mishaps that take place in each episode. You deal instead with the problems that come with being a hard core fan, of which there are more than a few.


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