15 Amazing Guest Appearances On Bojack Horseman

Do You Know These Hollywoo Stars & Celebrities?


In little over two months, Netflix will drop the second part to the final season of one of its best, most original and most daring series since they began commissioning their own original content.

Over the course of its six-season run, it’s never been short of an all manner of creative and original characters who have dropped in to help our five leads in their misadventures, or stayed on longer to serve in the bigger, wider, greater storylines.

For a show that deals with some pretty dark issues at times, it’s cute to think giant talking hamsters or blues-singing flies are there to spout wisdom about the deeper subject matter so profoundly.

So why not pay tribute to these characters?

For this list, we’re looking at characters who made short guest appearances on one episode or small mini-arcs throughout the show. We’re not counting side or supporting characters, so unfortunately JK Simmons’ Lenny Turtletaub and Patton Oswalt’s Pinky Penguin don’t make the cut in the list.


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