15 Amazing Guest Appearances On Bojack Horseman

15. Keegan-Michael Key - Sebastian St. Clair


Kicking things off is the Season 2 philanthropist voiced by Keegan-Michael Key.

Sebastian St. Clair is a self-righteous snow leopard and slacktivist who is more concerned with getting his face in pictures at warzones and erecting statues than actually doing some good.

Keegan-Michael Key's arrival is strange to say the least because he is putting on an accent to his character. Sebastian St. Clair is a British billionaire, and while cast members have provided voice work for other characters (Alison Brie voicing the character Vincent Adultman for instance), it does seem strange that Keegan was cast in the series but chose not to use his normal voice.

One possibly theory is he personally took a look at the design and script for the character and settled on the notion that Sebastian spoke not just with an upper-crust tone, but with an accent that reeked of self-congratulations and disillusioned ideas

Whatever the reason, it works. The voice fits the character perfectly as he pontificates how brilliant he is or how badly he needs a duty free giant Toblerone.


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