15 Annoying Mistakes You Never Noticed In Mad Men

It's a very, very mad world...

When you set a fictional show amongst real-life events, you probably need to make sure you know your history. There€™s perhaps no bigger or better show, in recent years, that has had to confront this problem than AMC€™s Mad Men. The fictionalised tale of Don Draper and the goings on at everyone€™s favourite ad-agency are very much set against the backdrop of the 1960s. Not only is it set in the decade, but the era is a huge influence over the show. Of course this impacts on how the characters look, but also their actions and interactions. Big events of the decade are featured, and the characters react to them. From the Civil Rights movement to the moon landing, we've seen momentous occasions through the eyes of the characters on the show. And yet while they€™ve largely managed to capture the setting and the historical context accurately, with so much going on over the past seven seasons there€™s bound to be a few mistakes. Showrunner Matthew Weiner and his team are known for paying attention to detail, indeed with a show like Mad Men the devil is very much in it, but even they can get things wrong. As the finale approaches at a tragically fast pace, here's a look at some of the errors, and while they by no means ruin they show, they might just drive you a little bit mad€

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