15 Annoying Mistakes You Never Noticed In Mad Men

15. €œIt€™s Toasted!€

Mad Men was making mistakes way back in the pilot episode, which is pretty understandable for a new show. The first ever episode introduces us to Don and the world of Sterling Cooper, centred around a pitch for a new advertising campaign for cigarette company Lucky Strike. Don eventually comes up with the winning slogan €œIt€™s toasted!€ Thus, Sterling Cooper gets the account, Don is firmly set on his path and the rest, as they say, is history. Except, of course, that the slogan already was a part of history. €œIt€™s toasted€ was part of a campaign run by Lucky Strike way back in 1917, some 43 years before the events of the episode. So either Don Draper is a time-travelling ad-man (and really, you wouldn€™t totally put it past Matthew Weiner) or this is one the show got wrong, or at least adapted history in order to suit their own ends.
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