15 Best Angel Episodes

14. Destiny (Season 5, Episode 8)

Angel Tv

"You made me a monster."

The final season of Angel is nothing short of a masterstroke, and at its centre lies the age-old rivalry between Angel and Spike. Both vampires with a soul, both in love with Buffy Summers, always trying to one-up each other. It makes for thrilling TV, constantly shifting between out-right comedy and hard-hitting drama.

In Destiny, Spike has been around as a main fixture of the show for eight episodes, after his bold sacrifice at the end of Buffy. Briefly wandering the halls of Wolfram and Hart as a kind of ghost, he found himself here facing the possibility that he is the true vampire champion talked about in Angel's prophecy, not Angel himself.

The pairs rivalry finally comes to a head as they fight it out for the title of champion, with Spike emerging victorious for the first time in their long and sordid history. It's a violent, emotional confrontation, ending with a darkly comedic twist that once more puts everything into perspective. It's brilliant stuff.

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