15 Dead Game Of Thrones Characters (That Are Still Alive In The Books)

14. Irri

Game Of Thrones Stannis Baratheon

Another Dothraki pledged to Daenerys' service following her marriage was Irri, a slave girl who functioned as one of her closest confidants for the show's first two seasons in tandem with Doreah. The duo were a trio in the books, with Irri tasked with instructing Dany how to ride a horse, Doreah tasked with schooling her in the ways of love and an additional character named Jhiqui charged with teaching her the Dothraki language. Jhiqui did appear in the series, albeit only in one episode, leaving Irri to assume her responsibilities thereafter.

In the books, Doreah dies soon after the death of Khal Drogo, perishing in the heat of the Red Waste that the khalasar find themselves stranded in. This death was delayed on screen, but still occurred before the end of the second season.

More shocking was the fact that she outlived Irri, who was murdered at Doreah's hand as part of the largely original Qarth storyline in season two despite the fact that she remains one of Dany's handmaidens on the page as of the end of A Dance With Dragons.

The death was a largely justified one, however, given that Irri had very little to do on screen following the death of Rakharo, with whom she was given a romance angle. It was covered effectively through the subsequent introduction of Missandei, who is a young girl in the books but was aged up significantly for the television adaptation in order to give Dany an age-appropriate female companion once more.


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