15 Failed Comic Book TV Shows That Only Lasted One Episode

TV is usually a good home for comic book characters. But it wasn't for these unfortunate heroes...

Wonder Woman TV Pilot 2011

Television has long been a good home for comic book heroes, from early shows like The Incredible Hulk and Adam West's Batman on to more recent successes like Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D and Arrow.

While the past couple of years have continued the great success of comic book movies, the presence of Marvel, DC, Image Comics, and more has arugably been felt to an even greater extent on the small screen. Nowadays there are simply an overwhelming amount of projects on TV or in development. Whether you like zombies, superheroes, the supernatural, and beyond, chances are, there'€™s a comic book TV series waiting for you to indulge in.

However, over the course of the last few decades, there have been a fair amount of comic book shows that have gotten the axe way before their time. In fact, some of these shows never even made it past one episode. And that's the topic at hand today. While most of these shows probably deserved to get cancelled, quite a few of them feel like missed opportunities.

From a show that tried to turn the Man Of Steel into a crime-fighting canine to multiple attempts to bring an iconic superheroine to the masses; this list will be shining a retrospective light on these, one and done, failed superpowered projects. Be warned, a spoiler alert is in full effect.

15. The Adventures Of Superpup (1958)

Warner Bros.

Faster than the speediest jet. More powerful than the mightiest rocket. Able to fly around the world faster than you can say Superpup! Yup! The Adventures Of Superpup is exactly what you're thinking: Television producer Whitney Ellsworth created a pilot that placed the Superman mythos into a fictional universe populated by dogs instead of human beings.

Instead of Clark Kent we have Bark Bent. Instead of Lois Lane we have Pamela Poodle. And instead of Perry White we have Terry Bite. The live-action actors were placed in dog-suits to portray the characters, and it's quite a ridiculous sight to see. The pilot episode focuses on Professor Sheepdip, who has just escaped from prison. After attempting to blow up the Daily Bugle (not to be confused with Peter Parker's workplace) he kidnaps Pamela and ties her to a rocket.

Superpup, of course, shows up at the last minute to save the day. This show would have been as ridiculous as you could ever imagine. However, there are enough (unintentional) funny moments throughout this pilot that it would have been quite interesting to see it go for several more episodes.

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