15 Fascinating IMDB Statistics About Your Favourite Shows

Let's debunk some myths about our favourite TV shows via the trusty IMDB.

The Big Bang Theory Poster We all remember the first time that a piece of television captivated us, whether it was The Wombles or The Wire. And when you first invest your heart and soul into an episode of drama, it feels like the purest art; there can't possibly be any kind of formula for television gold, can there? Some beg to differ. IMDB - the Internet Movie Database - isn't just a source more reliable than Wikipedia for who was in what. You can rate any episode of any season of any television show, from Porridge to Peep Show, from Bodger and Badger to Breaking Bad. Each episode holds an average, from 0 to 10, and there are some incredible statistics for what people love watching on telly, when you take everything into consideration. This article picks fifteen shows, that the world has been talking about either now or in the past, and analysed the data of what the viewers liked, and what they didn't.

15. Friends: Fans Reckon The Show Peaked When Characters Got Together

What's not to love about the early days of Friends? Jennifer Aniston still had the trademark Rachel haircut, the show hadn't thrown its continuity out the window yet and Monica wasn't quite the most annoying face on TV yet (later replaced by the moustachioed Go Compare singer). The myth is that many got bored of the show when the friends stopped being friends to start sleeping with each other, but is that completely true? Well, according to IMDB, no. Season 5 revolved around Chandler getting together with Monica, which overall averages an 8.64/10 rating from users; this is the second-highest mark after the final season, which focussed on Ross realising his feelings for Rachel. That season averaged 8.69/10, and in both, the highest episodes were respectively 'The One Where Everyone Finds Out', the episode in which it was revealed to the rest of the friends that Chandler and Monica were dating, and 'The Last One', in which Ross and Rachel got together at last. It seems that Friends fans can't get enough of the couples. Perhaps most unsurprisingly though, the series takes a large dip in popularity when Joey discovers feelings for Rachel. That's the one relationship that no one could deal with.

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