15 Greatest Comic Book Cartoons Of All Time

2. Batman Beyond

If you haven't seen Batman Beyond yet, then do yourself a favour and go seek it out immediately. Set years after the events of the original Batman 90s cartoon, Batman Beyond focused on the young and vengeful Terry McGinnis, who takes over the mantle of the Batman. Under the tutelage of Bruce Wayne, Terry comes to terms with a very dangerous variety of villains, along with the torture of teenage life. Beyond received critical acclaim since it's televised debut, and looking back it's pretty evident why. It tackled a few themes that weren't necessarily fleshed out so well in other cartoons, especially death. Yes, death surrounded Terry McGinnis, as the new Batman dealt with some truly uncompromising situations, not yet seen before in such a dark and depressing manner. It was a brave direction for the show, but it worked perfectly due to having some great ideas thrown into the mix. The villains may not have been as memorable as Bruce Wayne's rogues gallery, but the creators did a commendable job of producing some formidable foes. Shriek and Blight for example, are two of the most iconic and interesting characters in the show. The cartoon had a unique style, too. It incorporated the look and feel of a Syd Mead production (the visual futurist behind Blade Runner and Tron), which makes it stand out amongst DC's many animations. Batman Beyond was an incredible show, and over the years it has garnered even more fans. The show also provided fans with one of DC's finest feature-length animations; Return of the Joker. McGinnis' storyline eventually came full-circle during an episode of Justice League, but it's generally wise to ignore that silly plot point.
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