15 Greatest Comic Book Cartoons Of All Time

3. Spectacular Spider-Man

Looking past the simplistic design of the show, Spectacular Spider-Man proved in its short two seasons that it was the best Spider-Man cartoon ever made, if not one of the greatest comic book cartoons of all time. Spectacular Spider-Man arrived on television screens thanks to Greg Weisman and Victor Cook, who both added that special touch to the character. Finally, the wall-crawlers' villains were actually competent, and the storytelling consisted of twists and turns. The show's fight sequences set it apart from most cartoons too, as they were remarkably fluid and brutal. One standout scene in the entire show involved a showdown between the black suited Spider-Man and the Sinister Six, not yet rivalled in the character's animated history. Truly a testament to the show's writing, fans were even left questioning who the real identity of the Green Goblin was. Obviously it was Norman Osborn, but the show continuously threw different elements at the viewer. As is the case with a few radical new cartoons, the show was cancelled fairly abruptly. Ultimate Spider-man was announced in 2010, which in turn meant that Spectacular obviously wasn't going to make a return. It's a real shame too, because Spectacular Spider-Man just arrived at the wrong time. It could well have received its supposed total of 65 episodes, but poor viewer-ratings and Disney's new ownership of Marvel resulted in the end of the web-head's greatest cartoon. That being said, don't listen to the theme tune. It will be engrained into your mind forever.
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