15 Greatest TV Villains Of 2014 So Far

15. Regina/The Evil Queen (Once Upon A Time)

Once Upon A Time€™s head-spinning, meta-tastic approach to fairy tales revitalised the tarnished mythological genre, rebooting the age-old woes of Snow White and Prince Charming in a modern day setting. The good old €œtwo sides to every story€ gimmick taken quite literally with each character existing twice. Which means a slice of double-edged villainy, both played by Lana Parilla. In the €˜normal€™ world of Storybrook, the cunning Regina serves as the town mayor, and mother to her adopted Henry.; the latter role making her a fiercely loyal woman to be feared in the small picturesque €˜burb. Ruling over the citizens with an iron fist, she€™ll do anything it takes to make her power reign supreme, and if they don€™t dig? Carted off to jail. Her alter-ego, the Evil Queen, is a far scarier version of her various big-screen counterparts. What sets her apart from them is her reinvented backstories, imbuing a new sense of motivation for her dastardly wiles. Ruthless, armed with a supernatural arsenal and above all, wicked. Well, of course. She is Snow White€™s stepmother.

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