15 Hottest Upcoming Comic Book TV Shows

The Devil, a Preacher and the risen dead. Who says religion isn't cool?

It's almost unthinkable now, but for a while Smallville was classed as a strange idea for a TV show: why would anyone want to commit to a long-form show about comic book characters that replaced spectacle with story and character development? Who the hell would ever want to see the human, relatable side of a superhero? Fast forward almost fifteen years and the idea of a major superhero property that doesn't in some way tie to a small screen show is very much the exception: right now it's pretty much only Spider-Man and the X-Men who haven't branched out and it can only be a matter of time. Obviously there have been failures along the way - like the teeth-grindingly bad Wonder Woman, and (whether you like it or not) Gotham's ridiculous pantomime - but superhero and comic book TV shows are replacing CSI spin-offs as the most prolifically optioned projects on TV. And frankly that's a great thing, considering what is coming up in the next few years. It remains something of a frustration that nobody can get their act together and turn things like The Last Days Of American Crime or even the glorious, award-winning Chew and Fell into TV shows, but at least the successes of some of these more left-field projects in the next few years might turn them into more viable options...

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