15 Most Underrated Sci-Fi TV Shows Of All Time

The lesser known anthologies! The short lived unsolved mysteries! The comedies and cartoons!


As far back as the debut of Gene Roddenberry's iconic original Star Trek series and as recently as Disney+'s flagship project The Mandalorian, sci fi has been a staple of TV for decades.

However, for every successful slice of genre fare, from Rod Serling's iconic satirical anthology The Twilight Zone to Charlie Brooker's swiftly sinking satirical anthology Black Mirror, there are always the also-rans.

Some shows never live up to ingenious premises, some simply can't untangle the knotty plotting of their fictional worlds, and some have no compelling characters to follow. Whatever the cause, a great many sci fi shows sink without a trace as often as they soar.

This said, sometimes a sci fi show goes under the radar for no apparent reason and is forgotten by critics and fans alike despite being a stellar genre offering.

Like any TV genre, sci fi is replete with plenty of underrated gems which have been missed out on by viewers both upon initial release and in the years since, which is why this list has collected together the fifteen most underrated sci fi shows to ever grace tv screens for your viewing pleasure.


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