15 Most Visually Stunning Sci-Fi TV Shows

14. Altered Carbon

The Expanse

Another more recent release, Altered Carbon, based on the novel by Richard K. Morgan, offers a stunning view of a dystopian world racked by class divides, sinister criminal underworlds and a new technology that has brought immortality within reach.

We follow rogue trooper Takeshi Kovacs as he navigates his way through this brutal world while in service to the highest bidders. Its technical presentation is easily the series most defining feature with special effects work handled by DNEG studio bringing the eighteen episodes to life. They were a constant presence across the two season

In terms of portraying a dazzling yet unforgiving cyberpunk city, Altered Carbon is only matched by Blade Runner when it comes to exquisite detail. With complicated visual simulations, neon light-shows and awesome-looking props; Netflix spared no expense when it came to the visuals.

From start to finish, it's chock full of incredible sequences that really show off the scale of the future city and the collection of locales has only expanded across its two seasons. From the dingy back alleys of the city's underbelly all the way up to the lavish and wealthy ivory towers, everything about Altered Carbon is a thrill to see on a graphical level.


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