15 TV Seasons That Are Totally Flawless

Perfect TV, from The Simpsons to Mad Men.

Better Call Saul

The Golden Age of Television continues to move at full speed, with countless great shows emerging from all over the world to delight audiences and capture the attention of young and old alike.

Not everything we get to see is great, but for every sloppy, one-season dud there's the brilliance of such masterworks as Mad Men, American Horror Story, The Good Place and The Americans, all of which feature remarkably different genres and tones, but are all regarded as some of the best and most popular shows of the last twenty years.

For this list, though, focus will not be on entire shows, but rather the seasons within those great shows that work best of all. From challenging psychological dramas to innovative sitcoms, and striking dark comedies to horror epics, the following seasons are nothing short of TV masterpieces, representing the best of their respective shows, and also what television has to offer at its finest.

With that in mind, here are 15 TV seasons that are totally, 100% flawless.

This article contains some spoilers.

15. Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Season Five

Better Call Saul

Brooklyn Nine-Nine has had a brilliant run over its last seven seasons, but it's never really been better than its spotless fifth instalment.

With more outrageous character interactions, action sequences and maturity than ever, B99's fifth year finds the Precinct facing their biggest challenges yet, both professionally and personally. What makes it all work so well is how the different storylines blend together, balancing the sitcom's typical brand of witty humour with some beautiful slices of drama.

This is the season where resident badass Rosa Diaz comes out as bisexual to her strict parents, but it's also where Jake Peralta and Captain Holt spend an entire hilarious night trying to get a murder confession. We also get to Jake's ingenious proposal to long-time girlfriend Amy, and an episode that finds Jake hold-up in a safe house with Holt's eccentric husband Kevin.

B99's fifth season has tear-inducing weddings, inspired bottle episodes and wonderfully progressive character developments all wrapped into one, making it the perfect encapsulation of what makes the show so great.

Hopefully the show's upcoming final season can reach these heights again, though it certainly has its work cut out for it.


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