16 New HBO Series You Need To Get Excited About

16. Divorce

Divorce Sarah Jessica Parker
Sarah Jessica Parker, who made her name on Sex And The City, is coming back to HBO.

That in itself is actually pretty exciting. Although the movies were just overblown nonsense, the series started out as something that was genuinely smart and funny, and they were rightly beloved by fans. If she can recreate some of what made that such a hit, then there'll be another one with Divorce.

As the title indicates, it's about a couple going through a Divorce, with SJP's soon-to-be-ex played by Thomas Haden Church. The most exciting bit is that it was created by Sharon Horgan, who co-created/wrote/starred in last year's surprise hit sitcom Catastrophe.

Now if it's as funny as that, it'll be an excellent show.

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