17 Sons Of Anarchy Easter Eggs You Totally Missed

In-jokes, references, and gags written into FX's ultra-violent masterpiece...

The gruesome biker melodrama Sons Of Anarchy - an FX ratings colossus - finished its seven-season run in 2014 with the kind of sub-operatic tragedy you normally only get in the most weighty of Shakespearean dramas. Appropriate, since the show was at least initially patterned after Hamlet.

Oh, you didn'€™t know that? Then you'€™d be in the minority; it'€™s one of the most famous things about Sons Of Anarchy. People who don€™'t know anything about Elizabethan drama or the oeuvre of William Shakespeare are aware of that little nugget of information;“ it€ has been parroted out in every other interview, magazine piece, and web article on the show since day one.

But there are other little references, in-jokes, and gags written into the framework of Sons Of Anarchy that only the most rabid of die-hard fans are aware of. You can really pack a lot into ninety-two episodes, especially when some are as long as a feature-length movie, and especially when your cast and crew have been around the block so many times and appeared in so many other shows.

Because we are those rabid, die-hard fans, we€™'ve compiled a few of the juiciest snippets of information for you here, so that you don'€™t have to be. You€™'re very welcome.


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