18 Best TV Moments Of 2018

16. Paint It Black - Westworld

Westworld Shogun World

While Westworld's second season was something of a mixed bag, there was still a lot to like about the series. Kiksuya was its standout episode, but for an individual moment it's hard to beat the long-awaited introduction to Shogun World.

First teased in Season 1, we viewers and the hosts arrived there properly in fifth episode, Akane no Mai. With Maeve, Hector, Lee, and Armistice captured, we're led into Shogun World where some startling similarities to Westworld are revealed.

The scenes play out almost exactly the same as they did in Season 1, with the roles of Maeve, Hector, and Armistice filled by the Shogun World counterparts, while Ramin Djawadi re-uses Paint It Black but this time with woodwinds, giving the song a more haunting quality to add to the atmosphere of the new park. After so much hype, it was a relief to find Shogun World had been worth the wait.


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