20 Actors Who Have Appeared In Both Classic And New Doctor Who

You recognise them, but where from?

As the joke goes, Britain is a very small island, so it is no wonder its TV shows have a stable of actors who have appeared multiple times on long-running shows. At 51 years old, Doctor Who has had its fair share of recurring characters appearing in both classic and post-2005 versions of the show (along with its spin offs), and even more actors who have returned to play a whole new part. The show seems to delight in these callbacks for eagle-eyed fans to spot, and they add a whole new layer of real life trivia that pairs with the program's overall mythology. Besides Sarah Jane Smith and K-9's presence in School Reunion, and her subsequent show, The Sarah Jane Adventures, there are a couple of other companions who have turned up to say hello, not to mention past incarnations of the Time Lord himself. Whether delighting in villainy, shouting through tons of prosthetics and make up, or getting themselves an upgrade from bit part to proper adventurer, let us take a look at a mere handful of these recurring faces to date. Some of these actors have even been lucky enough to secure a Doctor Who gig more than twice, including the first person on our list ...
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