20 Best 2017 Netflix Original TV Series - Ranked From Worst To Best

But seriously...who drew the dicks?

American Vandal

It goes without saying that 2017 was another banner year for Netflix. As other streaming platforms such as Amazon and Hulu seek to step their game up, Netflix remains the industry leader for quality direct-to-streaming content, especially as far as their Originals label is concerned.

This last year saw countless beloved Netflix shows return for their latest long-awaited seasons, but more crucially, it also saw literally dozens of tantalising new shows make their debuts, many of which made their way onto this list of the year's strongest TV shows from the entire Originals line-up.

From consistently brilliant favourites to provocative new water cooler shows, smaller, lesser-known docu-series, cult comedies and everything in-between, you've almost certainly got some catching up to do before 2018's deluge of Netflix Originals consumes your life.

These 20 shows mark the most unique, challenging and flat-out best that the streaming giant served up in 2017, and the next 12 months are sure to deliver an even bigger platter of top-shelf content...


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