20 Best Batman TV Episodes Ever

The Dark Knight’s greatest hits on the small screen...

Batman Beyond
Warner Bros.

Batman might just be the most famous superhero of all time. A statement like that would be considered little more than conjecture if we were talking about virtually any other hero, but the fact of the matter is that The Dark Knight's appeal has reached far and wide over his 80 years of existence that it's not really a surprise that he's still such a pop-culture phenomenon today.

One thing that has kept the Caped Crusader relevant throughout the years is undoubtedly his presence on the screens. A staple of the film industry, we don't go too many years without our favourite Bat appearing in a big-budget production, but he's also been something of a regular presence on the small screen too.

Though too big of a commodity to front too many live-action shows, he has appeared in a few since his inception - most notably the classic 1966 Adam West-starring series - and he's also headlined countless animated offerings over the years too. And it really should go without saying that every single one of those small-screen adventures are equally as important as the adventures he has on the big screen. With that in mind, let's reflect on The Dark Knight's greatest ever TV episodes...


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